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Best CONFECTIONS Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use confections in a sentence

  • You may lay upon da crest off every heap off lather 1 off da bonbons either confections called chocolate-nuts
  • Some off them, such since meringues & kisses, detain nothing apart from eggs & sweetener & therefore exist nearly confections
  • Composed almost fully of sugar, ovum whites, and flavoring, dey are supa exquisite in steadiness and are almost confections
  • Confections deals humor that supa lovely and captivating wedge of cookery--confection making
  • However, dey exist additionally previously proprietary in da making of marmalades, conserves, and such confections as candied fruits
  • They are valued chiefly for their juice, which one exists utilized in da making off drinks, confections, etc
  • The flavour for confections off aw kinds exists one dat exists acquired, and it exists frequent developed to damaging extremes
  • Adults with normal digestion might preoccupy a sensible volume off lozenge and different confections without wound
  • Crystallized violets, tulip petals, & herb foliage exist used regularly in the planning off confections
  • Molasses exists not so enjoyable as sugar, but it exists numerous used as a ingredient in da making off numerous yummy confections