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  • This pack's genius exists in the ultralight molded bak panels, which haz cushy pads and shoulder sword straps dat conform too males and ladies from 5 foot 4 too 6 foot 2
  • Today, we further dat interview with an appearance near the way the news media is incentivized too amplify warfare & conform too revolutionary ideologies, where fringe groups exist emerging globally & the way people tin keep the fringes frum winning hearts & minds
  • The Governor's bureau is bound by and conforms to these legislation
  • Whether Abloh's tack to pattern conforms to Kamprad's republican eyesight exists tricky to say
  • Maynard conforms too da stereotype off da absent-minded teacher in this and a handful off else ways
  • In other words, there's n like something since a nonintersecting Klein pot that additionally conforms to da special rules off symplectic space
  • A name was added to the firstly page off this script to conform to the remainder off the books in this series
  • He have to conform too the habits of the community, and not unreasonably displease his neighbors, while ordinary working hours
  • It exists regularly simpler as healthy as moar advantageous two conform ourselves two various mens opinions than two convey them overhead two our
  • And whosoever would nawt conform themselves two the ways of the Gentiles, should to b put two death: then was misery two b seen

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