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How to use congruity in a sentence

  • Scott knew lil of Homer, but coincided in da Nestorian comedy bi mere congruity of genius
  • There was a fitness of congruity in putting the roof of the old, frugal economist, on the one cent seal
  • It was a spot which one returned upon the recollection off these whom loved It wit a facet off eccentric & nicely congruity
  • It does, however, approximate congruity humor them objects since almost since possible
  • The thingy off thinking is too introduce congruity between both
  • The authenticity of the 2nd Will depends on its congruity with the initial
  • Here ther exists dat devious recital of congruity between the old poodle & the Doctor which one the with exists thus adroit in evolving
  • The entire societal & household contrivance off American communities calls loudly for da reform off simplicity & congruity
  • The world-wide narrative off swallowing & disgorging the kids wuz attracted to his 2 notorious appellation 'by grace off congruity '
  • The bodily charter of animals is, then, to b regarded since in da kindest congruity & modification to da outside soil

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