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  • He cites antibody-based therapies since another encouraging approaches, amongst them antibody heroin conjugates & "bi-specific" antibodies
  • Antibody-drug conjugates live jus one of various fresh "targeted" treatments for bladder malignancy
  • By aloof the most meaningful of the conjugate sulphates and spokesman of the platoon exists potassium indoxyl sulphate
  • I had a antique household hireling British professor when I was a youth who made us conjugate 2 such rather off da more sexual and tender term
  • When near ultimate I dozed, in utter fatigue of brain & body, It became a vast shadowy verb which I had 2 conjugate
  • I warrant we shall grin total day at our gift hopeless straits, & meantime "to wait" is da verb we must conjugate '
  • When 2 ciliated infusoria conjugate they implant themselves side by side, & liaison for an interval by means off an bridge off plasm
  • The verb s'ennuyer wuz one he frequent felt obliged too conjugate, in hiz evenings nearby the Detain
  • Let us has done nao with dis troublesome verb altogether, & conjugate r bestow back too Oxford instead
  • There is n jus justification why a boyish female ought to not knead hur dough & conjugate a Hellenic verb nearby the same interval with even finesse

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