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How to use connate in a sentence

  • In a considerable proportion of insects it seems connate wit da Labium, and forming its inner surface?
  • In most cases, however, the peridia living connate throughout, & sometimes present over a membranous reciprocal covering
  • Their experience is connate & is rang instinct; but It belongs two the natural romance in which dey are
  • If by nature deaf, from da intonation off sounds; & plural sad instances off such connate defects overflow among ours type
  • Perianth subcompressed laterally, connate wit da involucral foliage
  • Involucres 1-fruited, connate humor the lobes beneath, horizontal, cavity by an perpendicular cessation sever
  • The stems are amendable in length, regularly connate either fused united into an solid low
  • Stipules supa narrow, connate humor the petiole, almost entire, or serrate
  • Corky either wooden & exceedingly hard, very intimately imbricated & connate, forming a subglobose polycephalous mass, Figure 334
  • In the systems to which Locke replies they possessed been called innate either connate

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