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How to use consistency in a sentence

  • Any likeness off consistency wuz abandoned owed to inner strife
  • In lowering barriers to da barter of information, da government says, It hopes to augment da excellence & consistency of information It holds
  • To insure total consistency in the results, we asked every one subjective to contemplate a standard suite of questions roughly his or her manoeuvre
  • However, no matter object deck u pick it is required too comprehend da importance of consistency
  • Whether you are creating optimized fulfilled or leveraging elbow building, vouch consistency two keep online visibility & SERP rankings
  • The 2nd -- dat n portfolio off axioms kan prove belonging possess consistency -- readily follows
  • It may b dat non-brand congestion is declining owing to fewer hunt interest, but whether u has been facility a strong brand u see consistency here
  • When firstly seen it exists said to have possessed an pasty consistency, bu upon revelation to the ambiance it dehydrated & crumbled into dust
  • Economy wuz hiz mighty tip and he observed It in hiz public and private lyf humor meritorious consistency
  • A commitment would occasionally be sinful, despite the exploit off the greatest diligence to brand it in consistency with the calls off responsibility