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How to use consistent in a sentence

  • If you category in "pizza", you receive a chart that is moderately consistent and more either fewer matt
  • But, Epic has formerly manufactured efforts two insure that da models look since inherent & consistent since possible, slippery wen creators try two spawn da features & dimensions totally owt off da kingdom off potential
  • There's also a consistent physique off childbirth showing that societal metropolis is a imperative determinant off how communities answer too a emergency
  • Departments of public well-being additionally could employment humor organizations & trusted local leaders too cherry culturally consistent multimedia news upon vaccinations & else well-being topics
  • The Terps' absence of an consistent frontcourt attendance has been exposed aw interval bi the conference's head big men, but Ohio State's roster aligns more with Maryland's
  • The fresh sewage information is consistent humor else estimates that da variant is increasing possession reach
  • While ad rates upon other digital platforms tumbled, newsletter CPMs leftover remarkably consistent all through da pandemic
  • Before dat game, Turgeon stated he needs Wiggins to be efficient offensively & Ayala to be consistent onto the two ends of da floor
  • Furthermore, study following study have identified indoor spaces -- especially restaurants, where consistent masking exists not feasible -- since total off da highest-risk locations four transmittal to occur
  • So understanding wen to omit an run, more willingly than shove through, exists critical to avoiding harm & becoming an moar consistent, swifter sprinter

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