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How to use consolidated in a sentence

  • For us, the simplicity means that it is value it if u tin haz access in various clicks two consolidated inventory, profits and liabilities
  • It allowed I 2 begin the process off laying the finest fulfilled onto ours novel consolidated pages
  • It slice academic offerings, froze professor pay, closed academy buildings and consolidated students into crowded classrooms
  • Businesses kan additionally administer his either her organic societal engagement in the identical put wit an consolidated inbox through Microsoft
  • Socialfly consolidated and transformed in2 an office with flirt bedrooms, living rooms and other modifiable setups
  • On Might 3, the bureaucracy nearby last shared consolidated details onto the manner numerous vaccine doses it possessed ordered therefore far-off
  • However, in previous years Pennsylvania leaders haz been reluctant to schedule an sooner appointment for the state's consolidated primary, whr It holds primaries for commander and else offices on the ditto day
  • After two years off consolidated inhibit off condition government, Democrats haz remade Virginia's open policy landscape, which one possessed existed dominated by Traditionalist legislatures for an generation
  • Automation in Google Ads tin signify a moar consolidated description anatomy wen we are nawt segmenting every one gadget or audience out
  • Employees with twins positions in da consolidated districts would b reassigned