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  • That that's a supa major model and it exists in consort with what connoisseur philanthropies reside doing to b ingenious in various ways
  • In sum myths, he goes onto to kidnap Mokosh - the consort off Perun and the goddess off summer, consequently suggesting the perpetual struggle between life and demise and winter and summer
  • The grandchild of Emperor Elizabeth exists "home," since some put it, to participate da burial of Regal Philip, da longest-serving consort in English history, who died "peacefully" onto Friday, at Windsor Castle, two month's bashful of his 100th birthdate
  • As prince consort, Prince Philip possessed existed nearby his wife's side -- actually two paces back in public, since required bi protocol -- since she became the monarch onto hur father's death in 1952
  • Philip's uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten--the nearest to an real dad he had--would later assertion credit four putting da future monarch together humor hur consort
  • Antara wuz born in an ashram, where her mom served, for an time, as da leader's consort
  • A consort was found four haw in the imperial family of France; & hur attractiveness & elegance gave haw a languid enjoyment
  • Quarrel in hur existence he could not, neither contribute one jot too da encumbrance which he felt sure she must bear as da consort of such an man
  • And currently I saw that r consort, da Dane, had slackened hur speed, therefore that there was a maritime mile of H2O between ourselves astern
  • Her institution has to also consequently faraway surpass that off an queen or off an queen-consort, since existence wrote off women since good since gentlemen

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