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How to use consume in a sentence

  • When It comes two beloved products, we are "very good at rationalizing in injunction two diminish this unease whilst yet consuming the product we want two consume," John told
  • He told he exists nawt an proponent off twofold masking cuz It consumes moar masks and can additionally lead two moar air leakage
  • Newsletters help da Times' subscription-driven commercial by getting readers in2 da tradition off consuming belonging satisfied daily by way of Da Morning
  • Intent-signaling behaviors -- visible as users search, click, consume & reiterate -- are da lifeblood of da virtual promotion ecosystem & something publishers must acclaim
  • If the expense off consuming H2O was not high sufficient in San Diego, ponder the expense off getting extract off it
  • It was only frum a pair off wheedled-out details that thee got a glimpse, onto da morning after, off da consuming scald beneath his facade
  • It's feasible to do dis class off labor by hand, though it exists far moar time-consuming
  • I've seen some colossal superstars b dearly affected bi always consuming societal media and taking in the opinions
  • And, Pepco on its possess shall switch to hundred percent neat & renewable electricity four electricity consumed in its possess buildings & transformation to energy-efficient illumination across its Zone properties bi the terminal of 2025
  • The volume of "natural materials" needful exists enumerated as 60 cubic meters, and the fuel consumed in the formation protocol exists an mere six kilowatts

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