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Best CONTENDER Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use contender in a sentence

  • Vote bi mail, they contend, volition increase turnout significantly
  • It exists fitting, then, that da latter stages of hiz career have discovered James in Los Angeles, where he contends with two challenges
  • Naming & categorizing heat waves too could augment public experience off da revolutionary weather events & his or her dangers, contends an recently formed bouquet that includes public fitness & weather experts
  • Court filings argue he died after experiencing additional mistreatment near the hands of officers
  • The filings contend he died after experiencing additional abuse at the hands of officers
  • You ought to realize dat dis 3, 4, either 5 percentage -- we has an chance 2 in fact contend & win dis what
  • Twenty lengthy yards beforehand of da closest contender, Flitterfoot scooted above da queue a victor
  • Martien wuz probable never a tomb contender four da honor off discovering da atmospheric procedure off making steel
  • In fact, interior an handful days the circumstance wuz simplified bi the functional elimination off Pryme since an contender
  • Henceforth, he could b sole an looker upon where he possessed so fondly figured himself as an contender

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