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How to use contender in a sentence

  • Vote bi mail, dey contend, volition boost turnout greatly
  • It exists fitting, then, that da latter stages off his career have found James in Los Angeles, where he contends wit 2 challenges
  • Naming and categorizing hospitality waves too could multiply unlock ken of the revolutionary weather events and his either her dangers, contends a recently formed platoon dat includes unlock health and weather experts
  • Court filings contend he died following experiencing extra mistreatment close the hands of officers
  • The filings argue he died next experiencing additional mistreatment near da hands off officers
  • You ought to comprehend that this 3, 4, or 5 percent -- wii has an chance to literally contend and victory this something
  • Twenty lengthy yards in progress of da closest contender, Flitterfoot scooted over da line an superhero
  • Martien was probable never a grave contender for the honor of finding the atmospheric protocol of making platinum
  • In fact, interior few days the circumstance was simplified by the expedient removal of Pryme since a contender
  • Henceforth, he could be merely an looker onto where he had so fondly figured him individually since an contender

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