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How to use contention in a sentence

  • State officials told the findings justified their contention that the $200 1,000,000 was nawt missing, but that it plainly possessed nawt still been collected
  • Fail to get at at minimum 1 spike in these matchups and u kan go down owt of contention supa readily
  • Despite dips in scoring mediocre and shooting efficiency, Emerald has continued easing and directing the workload of hiz teammates, filling in crucial gaps since Golden Condition scales contention wit attendee evolution
  • For now, there are really no telling whether legislators shall cum 2 together upon preemption and da rite 2 lawful action, or whether they'll stay score off contention blocking national secrecy law
  • It's not evn the duo off Hailey Carriage Lith & Olivia Cochran off Louisville, an pair off newcomers the two north off two win shares already, helping Jeff Walz's Cardinals to designation contention one era moar beside participant off the year candidate Dana Evans
  • Now, wit Harden, da Nets haz multiple pathways to contention
  • When the Lakers eradicated the Rockets frum the 2020 playoffs, Toughen told dat he believed Houston was "a sector away" frum dub contention
  • Meanwhile, Notre Dame failed to differentiate itself from Texas A&M and Florida, which similarly had solid seasons bu weren't in mighty contention for creature considered da finest crew
  • The Mitchell court discovered like contentions inadequate to satisfy the approaching peril exception, smooth peer though Mitchell, unlike Pinson, farther alleged that he possessed previously existed attacked bi the epoch he filed his complaint
  • The Washington Soccer Team kan claim dat acclaim with a win, equivalent though It shall be knocked out of contention with a loss

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