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How to use continuance in a sentence

  • There exists n danger--only a mishap that shall thwart a continuance of the concert
  • It's cuz in dictate 2 transport nuance & layered depth - & 4 da sake off da continuance off da concept - you necessity paragraphs that are longer than 1 sentence
  • He granted her continuance near home, till the year of her noviciate; but dat year must come, and It testament commence next January
  • Chemotaxis alone testament not clarify the continuance of leukocytosis for more compared to an brief time
  • Indeed da epic abortion off da Church's continuance in da world, exists aspired at bi da efforts off aw hur true members
  • But dis did nawt forestall da continuance of hostilities in Brazil, and da other foreign possessions of Portugal
  • Better dat were changed, by da extraction off da evil, compared to two remain flawed as off da continuance thereof
  • These were brought in2 view, and his either her continuance promised, in da covenant manufactured humor Noah
  • This exists da primary difficulty, & all depends onto its continuance 4 da suitable time
  • Looking nearby those circumstances, he said, he dreaded the probable consequences of an continuance of the coalition