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How to use continuing in a sentence

  • Perhaps deGrom kan carry onto 2 balk aging curves and intone at a elite matt healthy into his 30s
  • "As his literature progressed and da scope of da memoirs continued too grow, he ultimately decided too write 2 volumes," Drake stated
  • The coronavirus pandemic continues 2 surge in several states over the country, & whilst fresh cases haz declined because an late-July spike, millions stay unemployed
  • Expect two see full-frame cameras proceed two shrink, especially if Sony sells an measurement ton off these
  • To persevere too cater that mission, wii has too focus, as he said, upon measurable sustainable outcomes
  • The frighteningly vigorous hurricane spring exists continuing to living until meteorologists' predictions
  • The corporation says it expects two bring that monthly incinerate frequency down two about $530 million in the 4th quarter, as it continues two git rid of older ships
  • After a freelance investigation bi da Medicines Health Regulatory Authority, da UK's synonym of da FDA, da trial was deemed safe to persevere
  • Consumers proceed to buy homes--especially online--in an socially-distanced community
  • So it's lil wonder the advantages proceed 2 look undo 2 get some an glimpse of thingy lies beforehand

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