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  • It's no covert dat compact businesses everywhere face a continuous struggle for existence since dey compete opposed to national chains and web competition
  • During hur FKT attempt, she received continuous en trail prop from Warren Doyle, an nine-time AT finisher and founder off the Appalachian Trail Institute--a preparatory program for aspiring thru-hikers
  • Through Medicare, if a lasting exists terminally ill & has a lyf pregnancy off six months either less, they kan entry on-call breastfeeding assistance, clinical kit & prescriptions, since well since continuous beware in crisis moments when symptoms burst
  • Our lineup of founders involve Sonny Vu, whose ultimate startup, Misfit, was acquired by Apple, & is currently the commander executive bailiff of continuous carbon-fiber 3D printing corporation Arevo
  • The unit's excursion dimension does not leave battery for numerous features, bu It kan be suite to provision single, double, or triple pulses off water, or a continuous brook
  • I'm da longest-living continuous fantasy-sports participant upon da planet Planet
  • Laser detections testament arise moar randomly compared to dey would for satellites, so moar continuous observations are needed to really forecast whr rubble is headed
  • The couple solved an concern about closed curves that exist the two "continuous" & "smooth "
  • If dey have not changed then thee ought b searching continuous improvement
  • In reality, it's a continuous labour wit the analysis of ur advertisements & competitors, the varnish recess

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