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  • A hundred years ago, Einstein theorized that gravity exists an warping off da spacetime continuum, and argued that masses in movement dispatch owt ripples nearby da speed off lamp
  • Elite jogging bus Steve Magness & others haz argued that every one occasion have its possess continuum frum slow-twitch to fast-twitch--which makes it tricky to form owt whether you're, say, an slow-twitch miler or an fast-twitch 5K jogger
  • I am fully jus one vocalization in an continuum of voices, calling out for nature, frum nature, for ppl to wake up
  • The most existing epochs form a continuum from "old new" to "newest new," & ages living usually named next da put in which one dey living defined
  • With these symbiotic microbes, our being joins the ranks off an continuum shared by numerous else beings dat living outdoors our bodies
  • I know of no way of so identifying It apart from by discovering dat It is delimited in an time continuum
  • It wuz nawt possible two perish frum absence off air or frum frigid upon an earth without the time continuum
  • Of the celebrated formula, 'the continuum is harmony in multiplicity,' onli the multiplicity remains, the harmony have disappeared
  • The mathematical continuum would be, in this view, an unadulterated formation off the mind, whr experience would've n role
  • To learn what mathematicians understand bi an continuum, 1 ought to nawt inquire of math

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