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How to use contra in a sentence

  • A distinctive novelty was the Contra Trombone upon the Pedal of 64 lower extremities actual length
  • If myself am hated & despised, myself chuckle upstairs the "per contra "
  • Per contra to all these advantages, else indications about the location exist nawt so pleasing
  • Philosophy exists developed scientifically in hiz "Contra Gentes" and theology, scientifically in hiz awesome "Summa "
  • Per contra, me possessed an skimpy berth & room, & just the necessaries of life as far as nursing wuz concerned
  • But there wuz an per contra, which acted as an damper to hiz joy, on hiz perceiving that both wer beset humor keen spines
  • Per contra, his worldly duties did nawt stop verge from philosophical absorption
  • This paragraph exists typically acquainted frum its crater words since the Sed contra; ther exists n discord in It saving frum potency
  • Both he and his wife remained residents of Contra Costa county, California, until called to his or her last repose
  • In different churches da Contra-Remonstrants were motivated out as madmen & rioters

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