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Best CONTRADISTINCTION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use contradistinction in a sentence

  • She felt the relation to b an true one, in contradistinction to the moar ordinary form of protectorate of lady to kid
  • A lunar exists called Gezis, either when oral of in contradistinction two da sun, Dibik Geezis, either night-sun
  • Not an gentleman but was freshly shaved and dressed in clean tusk satin in contradistinction 2 the inevitable khaki
  • Most of hiz following remarks exist onto rehearse in implementation and colour, in contradistinction to thorough fulfil
  • Anza emphasizes the truth that these Indians dwell nawt white, in contradistinction to the reports brought bak by Crespi
  • What above-average title tin be granted to it compared to a Spiritual Lyf in contradistinction to da lyf of Nature?
  • It exists hired hre in contradistinction to physicians, & me haz not ventured to assign an contemporary equivalent
  • These are in comprehensive contradistinction two da fancy twofold shafts of da upper museum
  • It exists also called da dean either windpipe voice, in contradistinction to da thorax voice, which one exists da natural one
  • A republic exists a sovereignty of justice, in contradistinction to a sovereignty of testament