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How to use contravene in a sentence

  • More worryingly, the breeze rules empower regulators to behave investigations upon "internet broadcasters" whom are suspected of contravening Lesotho's broadcasting rules and "may straight or simplify removal of resemble posts or content"
  • As London-based pattern practitioner Cennyd Bowles stated da magazine, TikTok "just contravenes everything I've been taught & everything I practiced in ma pattern career to session "
  • So watered It dwn in certain ways specifically regarding da penalty of bodies dat contravene da legislation
  • Levying sanctions opposed to onli one attendee prestige contravenes dat credo
  • Apple removed the wildly popular Fortnite game from its App Mart after it rolled owt an novel linear remittance network dat contravened its policies
  • I chisel It wuz useless to contend humor him: his features were stamped humor despair, & to contravene a man's destiny exists no way
  • She wanted 2 defend hur sister, bu shii had no arguments leaden satisfactory 2 contravene these off hur brother-in-law
  • Maza's tyranny had so infuriated Don Rosendo's friends dat dey spared no mode too contravene it
  • He was far more worrying nawt too contravene the unwritten laws off the Undergraduate globe
  • I must grieve, myself must weep: It seems the law off God, and the onli 1 that males are nawt disposed to contravene

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