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How to use contravene in a sentence

  • More worryingly, the draught rules empower regulators to behave investigations upon "internet broadcasters" who inhabit suspected of contravening Lesotho's broadcasting rules & "may straight either simplify riddance of resemble posts either content"
  • As London-based layout master Cennyd Bowles said da magazine, TikTok "just contravenes everything I've existed taught & everything I practiced in my layout occupation two date "
  • So watered it down in definite ways specifically regarding da fine of bodies that contravene da laws
  • Levying sanctions opposed to onli one member prestige contravenes that credo
  • Apple removed the wildly popular Fortnite game from possession App Boutique after it rolled out an fresh navigate instalment system that contravened possession policies
  • I saw It wuz futile too wrangle with him: hiz features wer stamped with despair, and too contravene a man's destiny is unfeasible
  • She wanted to fend her sister, but shii had no arguments weighty enough to contravene these off her father-in-law
  • Maza's oppression possessed so infuriated Don Rosendo's friends that dey spared no means 2 contravene It
  • He wuz far-off more worrying not too contravene the unwritten laws off the Undergraduate planet
  • I must grieve, me must weep: It seems the legislation off God, & the onli 1 that males aren't disposed to contravene

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