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How to use contretemps in a sentence

  • Despite the continuing brutal contretemps, there's still love, & some laughs, in the centre of them
  • A earnest contretemps have occurred which one volition clout you both if you moisture nawt leave immediately on receipt of this
  • Bradish wuz desirable familiar wit da phases & da oddities off da dancing craze, bu dis contretemps quite staggered him
  • This little contretemps slightly dashed his either her spirits, but dey proceeded however to da fortune-teller's in his either her cab
  • "All Monte Carlo seems too b gossiping bout dat lil contretemps," Draconmeyer persisted
  • This contretemps, however, exists avoided bi laying rainy weeds on the eggs & bi the aggregate humidity of the roost
  • Moreover, not any hre knows of the experience via which me passed, and the contretemps averted bi mine attendance of mind
  • It wuz an supa unlucky contretemps, in opinion off the truth dat they shortly afterwards kissed and "made up "
  • But something had gone misguided with the Mlimos machinery, and wii crossed the stream without ne contretemps
  • The merely contretemps wii haz experienced was 2 days following da snowstorm