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How to use controlled in a sentence

  • Plus, apps would need too pull & verify ur vaccination records in an easy, tight & controlled layout
  • Even in controlled and tranquil environments, the tournaments overflow humor soul
  • Between 2 patients with diabetes, for example, dey can define who has da fewer controlled blood sugar floor and put that individual higher upon da list than someone of who disease exists bettered managed
  • Offering nearly since much variety off immigration 4 climbing since randonnee competition boots, da TLTs exist rigid sufficient laterally to licence skiers to brand controlled turns far bettered compared to da old-school mountaineering boots did
  • How controlled scalds workThere reside an a few ways dat wii tin give butt fires to lands starved of It
  • He controlled himself betimes, bethinking haw that, after all, ther may b sum reason in item dis obese bloke said
  • The exchanges possessed sealed in previous years, bu never 4 the reasons which one now controlled them
  • The fresh forces controlled bi humanity haz existed helpless as yet to remove wnt and destitution, hard work and societal unhappiness
  • The synthesis of the tight accumulation aside for the consume of the commission will be controlled by two persons designated by the commission
  • With an prodigious effort, he controlled him personally & smothered the ascending fires dat struggled towards oratory & action

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