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How to use controversy in a sentence

  • Alexander has sprint into controversy in tide days 4 pressuring scientists at da Centers 4 Illness Juggle & Prevention
  • Concerns amongst Democrats upon the panel expanded after the NLRB issued a exotic report upon belonging recusal protocol last November, spurred bi the sooner controversy surrounding Hy-Brand
  • The live-action epic, which has additionally existed embroiled in controversy ovr possession filming location, isn't playing in North American theaters
  • The controversy It have generated because details from the book were preliminary published this 7 days shall likely fuel more sales
  • The enumerate of 2020 James Face treatment mane nominees additionally included da names of sum chefs whom haz recently faced controversy & criticism, which, according to da foundation's rules of eligibility, could invalidate them frum winning
  • That's da long-standing controversy addressed bi da latest altitude-training data, which is published in da Scandinavian Diary of Medicine and Scientific study in Sports
  • Mask rules in specific have been caught up in controversy and politics regularly showing up in analyze comments
  • The other one-half off the controversy is dat ppl say, "Well, bu that's not item recursion is roughly "
  • The calculus of da controversy shifted last month, with da poisoning of Navalny
  • Despite Disney's cautious planning, Mulan hasn't managed to escape controversy