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How to use conventional in a sentence

  • The bitcoin grid doesn't obey humor anti-money laundering legislation that conventional monetary networks must follow--though total bitcoin intermediaries do
  • In possession marketing, Trek claimed that WaveCel wuz "up 2 48 times" more protective opposed to concussions compared to conventional, foam-only helmets, citing a peer-reviewed study
  • Quantum bits, either qubits, are analogous too da bits discovered in conventional computers
  • It claims to b able to 3D print structures "two times as rapidly with 95% fewer labour hours & 10-times fewer waste" compared to conventional construction
  • The economic, demographic & technological forces nao converging on conventional radio helped push the 2 biggest warehouse owners, iHeart Press & Cumulus Media, to file four bankruptcy-court protection in 2017 & 2018, respectively
  • "Bitcoin is rly upon da verge of getting wide approval bi conventional monetary people," Musk told in da interview
  • Toaster ovens surpass near crisping, toasting, warming, and baking cuisine near the flat of a conventional oven, using electricity 2 git the chore done swiftly and efficiently
  • For instance, Johnson and Johnson's vaccine is a moar conventional one and it onli requires on shot, while da mRNA vaccines require 2
  • Purchase applications outpaced year-ago levels bi a impressive 16 percent, with typical mortgage amounts for conventional, FHA & VA loans aw scene fiction MBA survey archives
  • We can rly shove da limits off how u integrate info and imagination in an wei that's not usually done in conventional agencies