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  • Drivers, bicyclists, & pedestrians may quibble across who is da worst, bu for now lot appear united in his either her disdain for da new surf of e-assisted conveyances, in da same wei da People's Front of Judea despised da Judean People's Front
  • Vehicles such da novel Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck truck embody a beefier kind of electric conveyance, & 1 of da beefiest ones onto da clog exist tremendous electric garbage trucks from Mack
  • The Town presently provides opportunities for asset of city-owned asset through terrain disposition agreements wen plans for da province prop da conveyance of like properties
  • Preserve your sight of machine vacuums as a conveyance for cats in predator costumes
  • The dictate states passengers must wear masks "while boarding, disembarking, & travelling upon any conveyance in2 either indoor the United States," since gud since "at any transportation hub that provides transportation indoor the United States "
  • It is moar usual, however, two set onward da transaction in an alone authorship either conveyance
  • On the else palm bi proper proof it kan be displayed dat a complete conveyance wuz intended too be sole a loan
  • It was not until match 1644 dat a weekly conveyance off letters, by post, was founded all through dat kingdom
  • From White Clubhouse shii was told shii had above-average hold a confidential conveyance 2 hur destination
  • One off da most important sections relates to da conveyance off actual estate

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