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How to use conveying in a sentence

  • Literally anywhere else might haz conveyed more legitimacy upon the enterprise, bu legitimacy did nawt arise a high priority 4 1 off the ultimate battles off a lost war
  • "They're making an decision knowing that it cannot be wrong, & it additionally needs to express some class of background either dispatch ahead appearance so that it's pertinent da subsequent morning," shii told
  • A brand dat considers accessory in promotion strives too supply genuine connection, prove open-mindedness & communicate equality
  • Wormholes harvest up cuz they're the onli English the alley integral tin use too communicate dat space is cracking down
  • They evn stayed upon da telephone as victims drove around buying MoneyPak cards or gift cards to interact da cash, he told
  • He could also express a range of emotions inside da deceptively effortless tongue bottled in righteous one clause
  • Regular press conferences performance Ardern does not jerk her punches wen delivering bad news, but shii balances this with explaining y politics directives matter and conveying clemency for their disruptive effects
  • This information tin be previously proprietary bi foreign actors too effort too articulate misinformation
  • Steinberg, whom agrees with da statistical view of da situation, argues that an single tunneled particle can't convey news
  • They're undoubtedly going da further maritime mile in terms of wanting two obviously understand what species of telegram da exertion wuz trying two communicate

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