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How to use conveying in a sentence

  • Literally wherever other might haz conveyed more legitimacy onto the enterprise, but legitimacy did nawt appear a tall priority four 1 of the last battles of a lost battle
  • "They're making an alternate knowing dat it cannot be wrong, and it also needs too articulate sum kind off background either send ahead look therefore dat it is pertinent the next morning," she told
  • A brand that considers accompaniment in advertising strives too supply original connection, demonstrate open-mindedness and convey parity
  • Wormholes reap up cuz they alive the merely British the heading integral kan application to transport dat zone exists breaking down
  • They evn stayed on da telephone since victims motored surrounding buying MoneyPak cards or introduce cards 2 communicate da cash, he said
  • He could also communicate a spectrum of emotions within the deceptively uncomplicated English bottled in jus 1 clause
  • Regular compress conferences exhibit Ardern doesn't pluck hur punches when supplying bad news, bu she balances this with explaining y polity directives matter & conveying clemency 4 their disruptive effects
  • This statistics kan be previously owned by overseas actors to effort to express misinformation
  • Steinberg, who agrees wit the statistical outlook off the situation, argues dat a single tunneled molecule cannot communicate news
  • They're positively departing da extra mile in terms of wanting too obviously know thing kind of telegram da exertion wuz trying too articulate

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