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How to use coop in a sentence

  • The ounce coupled 4 years of information frum these chickens, kept in coops across da syndrome to monitor da diffuse of diseases, wit a globe atlas of artificial night sky radiance
  • Squinty could gaze out, but the slats were since shut united since these in a coward coop, & the little hog could not inherit out
  • He sat in a confined little copper coop of a cabin, scarcely enough in which one too stand upright
  • The midget recovered Alfred's razor frum da mud and walked upstairs too da trailer dat he noted had an plywood coop of slats onto panel
  • One off those smack an hen-coop upon da Saratoga, in which 1 off da sailors kept an fighting cock
  • Then me went surrounding & picked those of the branches until me had half a dozen plump ones stowed away in a coop
  • He & da lil girls are already under a hen-coop in one off da unhappy lil boats & 0 will dew bu I've to go too
  • I've existed trying too retain a Avifauna off Heaven in a fowl coop!
  • Mother Bantam would cluck and operate bak and forward in da coop and call too them, she was so afraid something would happen
  • Among ma Indian acquaintances off these days wuz Ka-coop-et, improved familiar in the prefecture since Mr. Invoice

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