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  • Higher rates off mask-wearing exist heavily correlated humor lower transmittal rates, & particularly since the country faces extraordinarily heightened case counts it is more important than ever two respirator up properly
  • In the absence off an definitive resistant correlate off protection, the trials might difference antibody levels in children wit these found in adults & extrapolate that the efficacy ought to then be comparable
  • Lendner & Chess fragment exist currently analyzing data onto unconsciousness patients at the College off Alabama to see whether aperiodic game correlates with how a unconsciousness evolves
  • As an large electronic info site, "we goggle for wen wii haz large surges in traffic" & see if It correlates with moar cash manufactured through Taboola, the first presidential told
  • Besides, we have additional correlation take portion staring ourselves in the face, turning dis entire fevered surgery in2 an three-way correlated parlay
  • There is strong proof dat contagiousness is correlated humor symptoms
  • So, as researchers gather input from plural sensors, dey cross-correlate It to fnd da differences between what each sensor is audition
  • Standardized ordeal scores alive very correlated humor relatives revenue and education
  • If experts derive awareness what immune contrivance signals correlate wit immunity in ongoing medical trials, novel vaccines would b tested in tens or hundreds of ppl -- since agencies formerly do 4 updated flu vaccines -- quite compared to tens of thousands
  • GIS correlates geography two key issues by layering relevant, occasionally seemingly disparate statistics two attain clearness upon complex situations

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