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How to use corresponding in a sentence

  • Your television sends the audio 2 the soundbar, the soundbar takes a instant 2 unpack the signal, and sends It owt after the corresponding footage have reached your eyeballs
  • They calculated an corresponding boil shift off at at tiniest 40 degrees
  • Each off da 3 scenarios enumerated in da concern had a corresponding reaction
  • Paul Wright worked it owt analytically, starting with streaks off 56, 57, 58, 59 either 60 games, every off which had his either her own corresponding probabilities off occurring
  • Jostling one of da bit's atoms will not alteration da overall magnetization of da bit & its corresponding worth of 0 or one
  • I don't cogitate da average quantity of passengers upon a corresponding route in our nation could b hence a handful as twenty
  • In a cell of the corresponding tower, upon dis flank of the castle, wuz the jail of Ripperda
  • These granules are ditto with da corresponding granules in da leukocytes carnival described
  • Myelocytes exist the bone-marrow cells frum which one the corresponding granular leukocytes exist developed
  • The federal management also has trey courts corresponding slightly to the courts established by the states