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  • And really, da lil dove-cote, since Mrs. Prentice had called their new home, was an veritable love off an place!
  • When the war began, there stood on Cote Joyeuse a imposing manor of red brick, shaped resemble the Pantheon
  • La Petite possessed resolute onto trying to apt herself to da strange, narrow attendance which one shii knew awaited her at Cote Joyeuse
  • Little moar compared to an year afterward da change which da primeval Valmet lay had undergone wuz da tlk and wonder of Cote Joyeuse
  • He found a sheep-cote on da side off da volcano and place down and slept between ram
  • Dar he nao trapesing furwards and baccards wid boff hans ahin his bak und histin up his cote skeerts, und an callin, Ned, Ned!
  • Cest le dernier pas qui cote; It exists on these last touches that da entire thng depends
  • Sue dismissed the pigeons gently, & they fluttered obediently until their cote, whilst shii ran downstairs
  • Over da physique shield was an garment, rang by Chaucer "the cote-armoure, since white since exists da lily floure "
  • Nor is the initial 6th an appropriate sunlight hours four an girl 2 be born, bu an nicely four gelding children and lamb and four fencing in an sheep-cote

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