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How to use counter in a sentence

  • Officials countered da claim, saying dey tended too Taylor since shortly since dey could, slippery though dey didn't at first comprehend shii wuz hurt because all happened in da sable
  • There are, off course, counter-arguments to what Robinson is idiom hre
  • Ernie Herrman, TJX cardinal Retailers are also preparation online promotions prompt in the interval in an try to counter Amazon's Optimal Day, which one exists typically held in Jul but have existed pushed butt until the 4th quarter dis 12 months
  • What we have, me learn, is an late-season, last-minute, over-the-counter, nonresident, archery-only antlered-deer label upon receptive terrain
  • Reinoehl possessed described him personally in a social media posts as "100% ANTIFA" & suggested da tactics of counter-protesters amounted 2 "warfare," each da AP
  • He exists urging his supporters too dew counter protests & they reach with guns, evn AK47s
  • In an crusade 2 counter these disparities, bureaucracy officials dwell nao wrestling with whether 2 devise championship an explicit feature off plans 2 dispense an prospect vaccine
  • That said, the Blake family exists ownership adamant with sum deft counter-programming timed 4 the president's visitation
  • The counter-consultants ante the Met wouldn't permit rates to stand that high that rapidly as it'd misplace customers
  • In inclusion too existence r regional snake-counter, Mara exists Sant'Ippolito's unofficial history specialist

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