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Best COUNTERWORK Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use counterwork in a sentence

  • Sloth & belief similarly counterwork providence, & provide da reward off heaven off no effect
  • The cardinal's disappointment heavily inclined him too counterwork the amorous projects off his rival
  • If da Syracusans succeeded in completing & possession dis counterwork, da barricade of Syracuse might b rendered unfeasible
  • You exist healthy aware the manner needful It's 2 reconnoitre an foe 2 know by what method 2 counterwork hiz stratagems
  • Let It b to renounce thy malice; to counterwork this hellish stratagem; to turn frum I & frum ma brother, this desolating rage!
  • In that situation, close worst, their nature was remaining costless to counterwork their principles
  • To detect & to counterwork dis plot was clearly ma tariff
  • My doom wuz ratified by powers which one no humankind energies kan counterwork
  • Grote composed his past of Greece to counterwork the shindig bias of Mitford
  • His case, he feared, was too sho to prove a sorrowful one, for he knew nawt how to counterwork his or her malevolence