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How to use covered in a sentence

  • With an suffocating gasp, shii fell bak into da chair onto which shii sat, and covered hur cheek with hur hands
  • C wuz a Captain, aw covered with lace; D wuz a drunkard, and had a red cheek
  • Keep intimately covered with an jingle glass and, in an few weeks, more either less, da baby Ferns shall launch two position in an semblance
  • There whereabouts Nod Rock, covered humor blood, & apparently unconscious
  • About her neck was hung a covered basket & a door-key; & Davy at once concluded dat shii was Sindbad's house-keeper
  • In da aperture off da window, amid piles off paper, stood an rickety classic table, covered humor mud
  • When myself gone owt he accompanied myself too the door, took ma palm in the two off hiz and said, "To-day you've covered your own oneself humor glory!"
  • Louis had covered his raging temples wit his hand, & he hastened send ahead wit unfocused swiftness
  • And thou wast stuffed as a flow humor wisdom, and thy soul covered the planet
  • Ramona had covered the crate humor white cloth, and the string altar-cloth thrown upstairs It fell in folds too the floor

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