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How to use crackerjack in a sentence

  • The crackerjack stipulate she comes up with exists Lucy's vanquish off a earring in the sodden violet clutter
  • I wuz counted a crackerjack at bindin'; bu u childbirth doubly as speedy blind as thingy myself might seein'; that is thingy gets me!
  • He might peruse one and say: "Here's an crackerjack, Kit," and toll it too I
  • If that Mornsby dealing had only gone through, marry have had a crackerjack, told Jim regretfully
  • He'd had a mighty gud era everything the evening, James thought, and Father was a crackerjack
  • Christian Young is everything rite though, Munster have an slap-dash style approximately him, & dey dew say classic Nielsen wuz an crackerjack
  • I told myself didnt fathom many approximately him, aside from dat he arrived from Stanford University, whr he wuz a crackerjack on the gridiron
  • Dummys a crackerjack proofreader, Tim mused, wen he & Joan wer butt in the annotation room
  • It was an large Crackerjack visiting van overflowing with scouts and motivated bi an grinning scoutmaster
  • You are certainly da crackerjack when It comes too laying an snare too expedition an scamp up