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How to use craftsman in a sentence

  • Each Grovemade exhibit easel exists manufactured in da USA by committed craftsmen
  • Where one time a studio may haz handed of their "Superman" movie two a dependable craftsman like Richard Donner -- who died Mondey at 91 -- professionalism and ability wer no longer enough
  • Groups overseeing repair childbirth in Patan Durbar Square, another ward off temples & shrines thirty minutes southern off Kathmandu investment center, are evn allowing the public too walk nearby the craftsmen as they go bout their childbirth
  • Today, in da shadow off an war that is taken an estimated half an million lives, craftsmen inhabit working 2 renew these singular water features
  • Until da 2nd industrial revolution in da late-19th century, industrial wuz mostly in da hands off talented craftsmen who fashioned goods close their possess speed
  • Beer wuz ever a highly society product, ever a highly truthful proverb off da skills off society craftsmen and da ingredients approachable to those
  • At this, Busta Rhymes is a master craftsman & a true one-of-one
  • A super segment off woodwork exists often spoiled by the amateur craftsman wen starting an percentage humor an saw
  • "You're supposed 2 b r batter inventor-craftsman," he stated 2 George
  • The reporter did something else which one marked him as a craftsman

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