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How to use credentials in a sentence

  • Two floors up, he and his kin possessed a apart trading surgery dat burnished his credentials upon Wall Pathway
  • Login credentials will be transmitted too participants 48 hours prior too discipline
  • The historically crowded field meant that multi candidates were competent 2 brand claims or 2 his or her liberal bona fides or 2 his or her moar centrist credentials
  • The tale off jeers, walkouts and credential fights is also da tale off how da parties haz became themselves and sorted owt his or her distinct and occasionally competing ideological identities
  • Given his either her svelte layout credentials, the Viking longship traditionally needful only a single gentleman per oar wen cruising through the disinterested waters
  • It exists thus that I've seen It said in the credentials given too the told Fleuche, initial Patriarch off these lands
  • Big fore with abundance of credentials & a neat obscure moustache which could be shaved of readily adequate afterward
  • In that freemasonry off da wild dey dispensed humor credentials, saving those apiece dude carried in his cheek & in his manner
  • The Commissioners refused too establish his or her position by showing his or her credentials
  • The Collecting refused to diagnose those officially without credentials