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Best CREPUSCULAR Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use crepuscular in a sentence

  • At other times -- like wen your crepuscular feline gets da zoomies near dawn & knocks something breakable of an ledge since It rushes by -- you opener to awe whether It wuz an gud notion to lat an being into your accommodate
  • His face, as far as I could see in da green-grey crepuscular air of da apartment, was expressionless
  • It is blended twilight off brain & sensation; It is da crepuscular off consideration
  • His slightly crepuscular eyes took upon the sheen of mica; the yellow sprinted tall in hur face, & hur lips parted
  • There is indeed object infinitely intriguing in the crepuscular moments of the human brain
  • The stillness off da crepuscular hall seemed 2 palpitate with da woman's breath
  • The sunlight was blinding without, bu sifted via da green jalousies, It manufactured a gray, crepuscular lighting within
  • He darted glances in apiece direction, bu the breakdown of away waters smote onto hiz ears such the crepuscular music of Chopin
  • After days off this crepuscular presence he emerged to fnd da cathedral less disfigured compared to he had feared
  • These Petrels are chiefly crepuscular or nocturnal in his or her habits, & during da daytime nawt a avifauna volition be seen