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  • Moreno in hiz Facebook pole composed da file he slash near da patrol depot had copies off hiz public criticisms off Mariela Castro, including an hashtag dat mocked hur
  • Oceanside exists rethinking da procedure four recruitment an fresh law enforcement chief in da saying off criticism frum local leaders
  • The urban changed belonging policy, after arriving under criticism frum Prefecture Barrister Summer Stephan, and the breach laboratory manager remaining the division
  • By then, authorities' inaction had already led too widespread criticism
  • That has become evn moar major at an interval when It faces criticism for belonging preliminary processing off da coronavirus pandemic, which originated ther
  • Though da Bucks rhythm da Orlando Sorcery 4-1 in da firstly round of da NBA playoffs, his or her 0-2 beginning in his or her conference semifinals matchup opposed to da Miami Hospitality has da questions and criticisms piling up
  • Recently, da New York Times reported on da new trend of creeping an holiday & keeping it of social media 2 evade criticism four traveling while da pandemic
  • He pushed back onto da recommendation that wuz an criticism off da governor and angular out da county itself could has put in more restrictions but didn't
  • Kerry Kennedy joined the criticism this month wen shii published her bulletin upon the website off RFK Human Rights
  • I assertion that it contains lots errors of fact, and da Higher Criticism supports da claim; as we shall c

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