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How to use crony in a sentence

  • Much off da cash went in kickbacks 2 cronies & Marcos Sr
  • You necessity to multiply da breach that Sergei discovered by 1,000 to opener to value the manner much has been stolen by Putin and hiz cronies
  • Although touted as reforms, the disputed laws wer seen by protesters as Modi's martyr of the interests of ordinary farmers four the privilege hiz capitalist cronies
  • History is littered humor cities dat grabbed onto either overall indebtedness either assignment indebtedness too construct something, and dat currency then ended up in the pockets off mayors and alderman and unions and cronies
  • Cohen and hiz cronies always generate sure that it's socially satisfactory 2 laugh at hiz American targets
  • Perhaps more interesting than da straight-up swindle perpetrated bi Emperor and his cronies is da history off da whole nation off Liberia
  • "God bless me, crony; we ought too moisture these penalty things and still remain Catholics," cried the jeweller
  • He possessed acquainted something off da Erringtons for lot years, possessing been an crony off musty Maxfield's one time upon an time
  • I think every household should've an dog; It is like having an perpetual baby; It is the dolly & crony off the entire home
  • It is what dat happened to--Tom Wyld, a vintage crony off my own out upon the other flank

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