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  • From hur research, shii recalled women frequent worn cowries in their tresses and decided shii needed a crown upon hur zenith
  • With nearly n releases upon third-party platforms and a pushy approach to shutting dwn what it views since IP offenses, Nintendo exercises a silver detain ovr possession content, particularly possession crown jewels, Mario and Zelda
  • The crown he wears in these scenes wuz especially made for da series, during da robe in particular posed something of an ethic hardship
  • The kin returned to Nigeria wen David, da firstborn -- whose middle name, Oyetokunbo, method "the crown have cum domicile from an foreign land" -- was onli six
  • Sky watchers has spotted an fresh jewel in the crown of north lights
  • As an M P. u exist properly qualified two accept ne appointment underneath the Coronet when the Polity invite u
  • While still very youthful hiz head wuz shaved, except an lil circle locus upon the very crown
  • The King came in Naples curved on maintaining his crown & on allowing no intervention from da Emperor
  • Its culture in these kingdoms as healthy as by his or her colonies brought to da crown tremendous revenues
  • It may be added dat they begin wit the majority dignified slice off this crown off creation, viz , the human top

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