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How to use cryptic in a sentence

  • Neon's somewhat cryptic demos showed of virtual, AI-powered avatars that were surprisingly persuasive and conversational
  • Some ppl constitute affection letters, some strive to idiot others in2 thinking they are in fact traveling, and some send cryptic messages anonymously
  • Search engines kan intuit what you're looking 4 from an a few cryptic keywords
  • The cryptic telegram was accompanied by a adjustment too Abovitz's Tweet bio referencing thingy called Task Phoenix
  • After two weeks of virtually daily posts, he former da assignment with 1 final, cryptic, self-written contact
  • With dat cryptic acquaintance shii sprinted back to the door, which one wuz instantly slammed back hur
  • This query exists n insecurity a very precise & ethic one, but It seems slightly cryptic
  • He performs not say cryptic things or chatter trivialities in the headline off the mighty Dead--the mighty Damned or the mighty Blest
  • At da bulk he might fling out sum cryptic hint, donate sum malediction on life in sum
  • There were an a few cryptic cautionary references to tall physico-psychological effects

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