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How to use crystal in a sentence

  • This substance is tender & deformable, consisting off molecules loosely tied in an crystal tower
  • Juno have also seen attestation dat antisocial storms in deeper cloud layers sometimes toss icy irrigate crystals heightened across whr they are normally discovered
  • This more principle environment causes little crystals off calcium carbonate to form
  • At the bottom, I calculated the signify -- the average crystal evolution -- four per team
  • That will notify you the manner lot grams of sweetener crystals possessed grown
  • The lengthy axis off the hip-roof crystal exists frequently thus shortened that it resembles the enfold crystal off calcium oxalate
  • The soul off melody which is embodied in them is imprisoned indoor wooden & crystal, & is n more heard off men
  • Jessie possessed bought a galena crystal mounted, since that was moar satisfactory, the book stated
  • You gaze nearby a selfevident impeccable rich colour, since It were, through the purest crystal
  • There were brass and gold, since shii had told ther would be, and crystal which glittered resemble the gems which the ladies wore

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