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Best CUBBYHOLE Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use cubbyhole in a sentence

  • Back in his cubbyhole downstairs, Walter stared hopelessly at the reports
  • At eve I slept in an cubbyhole back an wineshop, paying an inordinate price for that supa doubtful privilege
  • And to-morrow I'm two be installed in da cubbyhole off da dining area & me resist any 1 two go in it upon peril off their lives
  • Bill led I near once history two either 3 lounging cow persons to the cubbyhole, where arose a normal old countdown
  • Charles sweltered in his little cubbyhole, bu he was fervent and positive roughly his fiction profession
  • The swimming cupboard was a cubbyhole with handgrips on aw 4 sides & straps into which could lapse hiz feet
  • Murgatroyd da tormal arrived sneaking out of da wee cubbyhole which one was hiz own
  • The little blouse mart exists a cubbyhole about nine lower extremities square, its wooden walls painted a pale, washed-out azure
  • Gervaise felt the majority benevolence for Pere Bru in his cubbyhole under the staircase where he hibernated
  • But, since Pere Bru possessed jus been discovered dead in his cubbyhole under the staircase, the landlord possessed permitted hur to turn into It

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