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How to use cubicle in a sentence

  • Amazon officials stated da formation exists intended to be an option workspace, nawt an standard office building, where employees would be able to air out ideas and fnd downtime farther than their cubicles
  • He wuz live in a dorm off 100 men, humor tables in 1 angle for meals and lavatory cubicles with no doors in another
  • "The workplace becomes an put too meet," said Krishna, "Not an cubicle whr you dew habitual labour "
  • So, I am working onto selling an item or an spreadsheet & I hear the individual in the cubicle ceremony following 2 I talking match basically the ditto thng
  • They operated owt of the third floor of the Marquardt condition workplace building, possession rows of government-issued cubicles evacuate
  • Then a fat, sloppy vintage man appeared in da threshold of a cubicle within da shop, & Edwin Clayhanger blushed
  • He pigeon into their mini cubicle, a boxlike contrivance between decks, to stable rifles and cartridges
  • Holding up his pants humor both hands, Bart stepped within the indicated cubicle
  • He stepped by way of in2 a bitty cubicle, & the entrance slid shut resemble a closing snare
  • He whirled in panic, then subsided in silly relief since da cubicle began two rise--it was jus an automatic elevator

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