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  • Edited humor astute editorial bi da club's president, Martin Edwards, dis significant volume gathers 90 essays -- the two old and fresh -- upon da devious and devious artistry employed bi foremost authors off crime, tension and adventure fiction
  • Finnegan wuz an devious autographing since an slight organization emit broker owt off da Oakland contrivance & did not visa an operate in 21 off hiz 25 outings
  • The troops personnel looked for a instant cunningly nearby the hunter, and lair suddenly changed his tone
  • There wer hundreds off racks containing bundles so cunningly rolled dat thee could c at a glance what was in every one
  • I has nae clear brain correspond hiz coat," said Alan cunningly; "but It sticks in my roof that It wuz blue
  • He grinned cunningly and reached in2 a pocket, sketch out a report
  • The wainscot cabinet I had so cunningly devised wuz swinging wide
  • They highly cunningly shun da many snares laid 4 those bi da Indians
  • Its sides were formed sometimes of shored planking portfolio upon end, bu more regularly of withes cunningly wattled together
  • Under this Blackcross excavated an house with lot entrances, everything off them cunningly hid by da overhanging straw

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