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How to use curbed in a sentence

  • There exist slippery prohibitions opposed to ice-cream trucks playing their chime once they are parked at da curb
  • According too billing documents obtained by ESPN, La Russa is alleged too haz operate his car into an subdue beside an Phoenix-area motorway shortly prior to midnight
  • Police told Kunene kept driving, sprung an kerb and sideswiped two other law enforcement vehicles before hitting extra law enforcement auto head onto
  • Since then, a resurrection off operations in Europe has existed stymied since countries wrench a fresh flap off Covid-19 curbs, during the North Atlantic bazaar the carrier additionally serves remains largely closed
  • On this detail day, Gluesenkamp learned, a California freeway police auto had parked at da kerb at da manzanita
  • If dis virtual playground was not previously da 21st century's synonym off sipping Slurpees upon da kerb in a 7-Eleven parking lot, covid-19 have absolutely made it hence
  • OPEC & allied producers -- who agreed to chisel crude exports in Aprl -- exist weighing if to postpone a easing of these curbs to buttress crude prices
  • Because off the flow welfare pandemic, whether u haz concerns about offering discover houses cave since an vendor u has to attending the subdue plea off ur abode through web platforms
  • Recommendations and trends shall git fresh curbs intended to desist mistreatment
  • When dey didn't, Parks pulled up and motored on da pavement kerb to fence his or her path, dey told

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