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How to use cuss in a sentence

  • I don't fault him for killin' da cuss, not an bit; I would has shot any gentleman livin' dat 'ad taken an good horse o' quarry up dat trace
  • I did think uh tryin' t' inherit off humor his either her hosses, but I figured It wouldn't pay humor dat sharp-eared cuss onto the timepiece
  • Cuss him to-night, ef he's alive; an' ef his bunk exists soff' since wool, doan lat him sleep for thinkin' off Omit Dory
  • Here dis youthful cuss, Fire Bear, exists traipsin' ambient since he pleases, on nothin' more compared to his noun that he will seem 4 trial
  • Texas Smith looked onto with a approving grin, and suggested, "Better shute the dam cuss "
  • She'd racket close the celebrity fer comin' up, a cuss rhythm fer goin' dwn
  • I recollect ur 'May-day in da morning'--cuss me, da greatest comick song me ever heard
  • I know a intact string off cuss words an' me kan say those since reminder since now-I-lay-me
  • Alfurd's mos' nutty 'bout bein' an circus comic an' ye'd die laffin' to c da little cuss cuttin' didoes
  • Sposin de surcus rider had er heerd dat cuss wurd he flung at myself und yu?

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