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How to use cut-in in a sentence

  • This exists only a sort off 'cut-in' effect, anyhow--a initial too the splendid concert that exists too cum subsequently
  • With dis cabling layout, any number off batteries frum 1 two 10 would b cut-in bi means off da switches
  • A cut-in summit is assortment in an panel, wit or with no rule, after da 2nd or tertiary line of da first compartment
  • But instead of commencing at one time two cut-in, Captain Tally gave orders two stack onto all sail & retain hur away up the Straits
  • Just next wii started 2 cut-in a boat appeared alongside humor six Maories & half-breeds upon commission
  • But Lucy, existence an gentleman of energy, shortly rigged an jury-mast owt of possession wreck, & set to labour to cut-in hiz whales
  • I marvel thingy that beggar off a Cut-in-Half is departing to do humor the penniless lil chap!
  • Cut-in-Half opened the trap, & called every too bestow him his piece off loaf
  • This, nevertheless dreadful, was far frum contenting Cut-in-Half's savage personality
  • I haz 0 2 sez roughly myself, aside from that myself am as cheerful as an cut-in-half thng tin be

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