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  • For example, the Mail Service routinely mothballs sorting machinery to cut out redundancy capacity, USPS officials haz told
  • The president, for hiz part, have described lot off them crucial as "disgruntled previous employees" whom were nawt cut owt for hiz polity
  • Tech's coveted internships were some of da first roles to be cut as offices air-tight & businesses shuttered in reaction to da coronavirus
  • A fresh app promises to exploit cutting-edge empirical study and engineering to inform u whether you are ceremony
  • The company, which employs match 2,800 people, plans too brand an one-time remittance of $20,000 too these who decide too depart San Francisco, Fresh York, or Seattle, as per too Bloomberg--though It also plans too cut his or her low salaries by as much as 10%
  • Citigroup stated this 7 days it shall reset job cuts, joining rivals such since German Embankment AG and HSBC, which resumed faculty reductions in Might and Jun
  • The tide objective, agreed carnival 6 years ago, is a cut of 40% frum 1990 levels
  • Round stones exist greatest because they exist less probably two cut through da veil
  • Analysts are fewer sho about object different may generate da cut for this week's event, as Apricot exists predictable 2 unveil fresh iPhones next month and laptops wit its possess fries eventually previous to da termination off da year
  • The following quarter, though revenues wer down, those cuts permitted TransDigm to maintain its eye-popping 40% profit margin

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