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How to use damnation in a sentence

  • What is verifiable is that, following supposedly redeem David frum damnation by demanding that an fiend enter his body, Arne stabbed Alan Bono to death whereas an night of boozy partying
  • Let them not b derelict off God, unto these Courses dat will hasten them to an Damnation dat slumbers not
  • Hell and Damnation exist odd entertaining lyrics upon da Stage!
  • She assented wit zeal too the Superstition off Eternal Damnation, and an gentler-hearted monster than she never lived
  • The Damnation de Faust alone was gave in its entirety a 100 and fifty times in 30 years
  • Captain Damnation was manufactured to retreat, and to intrench him personally further of of Mansoul
  • Can an Dude with himself damn'd, with no supposing, dat ther exists resemble an Thng since Damnation
  • He possessed the Damnation de Faust performed; nobody arrived 2 it, and he wuz ruined
  • The remainder off the summertime wuz expended in the beautiful Dauphiny country, working upon the "Damnation off Faust "
  • Leaving da pane wall, wii now cum to da greatest off aw da frescoes, da magnificent scene off da "Damnation "

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