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How to use damning in a sentence

  • Magnite's inventory plunged since lot since 13% da day next a short-seller freed a damning log upon da company's strategy -- proof dat investors exist buying in2 these narratives, gud or bad
  • The horrors of slavery may b the majority damning legacy of industrial sugar, but it is far frum the onli concern caused by the humankind lust 4 sweeteners
  • Devotees sez they can't git enough, bu slippery they concede dat crickets might haz an hard getting bygone dat most damning of descriptions--a tissue alternate
  • If internal paperwork suggesting collusion between Google & Facebook moisture exist, then dey paint a damning image of Google & borrow moar reliability too the claims outlined in the complaint
  • Last month Personality published an damning reaction written by 31 scientists too an study frum Google Dole dat possessed appeared in da journal earlier this year
  • The king will b in Asturia nearly ago that damning sector reaches ther
  • Since dis damning criticism wuz uttered, matters possessed nawt improved, onto da contrary, possessed gone frum bad too lesser
  • He looked again at the damning proof & hiz defiance broken
  • The poets of slick the seventeenth century never tucker of damning them in good, accumulation terms
  • If nought moar is stated than "It is two bad it happened," it has possession faintly damning effect onto ourselves

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